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41. Austin Medical
  A complete medical wquipment and respiratory company. Specializing in oxygen and all respiratory products. We are a full DME company and accept Medicare assignments and most insurance.
42. Buyer's Haven Hearing Aid Products
  Hearing Aid Batteries for only $17.75 per carton is just an example of the savings at Buyer's Haven. Also has Hearing Aid Repair for only $44.95 with a full one-year warranty! And all shipping is free!
43. CMO - Amazing Breakthrough Which Maintains Healthy Joints
  CMO: Cerasomal-cis-9-cetyl-myristoleate - the new proven medical breakthrough permanently eliminating pain for millions of arthritis sufferers - naturally
44. colostomyand urostomy clothing product
  We have designed a comfortable covering for your colostomy sac made of 100% cottom flannel, light weight and helps reduce skin irritation
45. Concerned Senior Citizen Network
  Site devoted to senior citizens, with links to government,prescriptions,search engines, maps and directions, free postcards,links to other senior sites and many other features.
46. Concerned Senior Citizen Network
  A site for senior citizens to gain access to links to discount prescription sites, government sites with e-mails to the President,Senate, House of Representatives. Have a page with free post card link sites. Daily updated news on health, and headline news.Also a sports page updated daily.
47. Discount natural arthritis treatments
  Discount natural arthritis treatments
48. Discover Nature's Healer - Barleygreen is the most nutritious food on Earth!
  One Senior to Another - Barleygreen contains at least 16 vitamins, 23 minerals, 18 amino acids, and numerous usable enzymes. It contains alkalizing substances and large amounts of natural chlorophyll. A whole food concentrate. Wholesale Senior prices and free shipping.Each order comes with a Free Hand Blender!
49. Dr.Comfy
  Dr.Comfy has wide range of comfort and therapy products. Products include orthopedic pillows and backrests, leg elevators, foot spas, copper bracelets, bathroom safety aids and more. Free gift offers and free delivery over $20.00.
50. eCureMe – Your Total Health Center
  A total healthcare site that features self-diagnostic tools, online consultation services between doctors and patients, comprehensive medical atlas, user-friendly encyclopedia of diseases, medications, lab tests and treatments, patient medical charts, and more.
51. Eileen's Laminated Photo ID Badges
  ID Badges are becoming a necessary item, especially since such a large segment of the population is over 50. Are you allergic to drugs, Do you have seizures, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Lupus or Cancer? Maybe you take medicine for a heart problem or stroke, all very good reasons to carry a Photo ID with you.
52. Eileen's Laminated Photo ID Badges
  ID Badges are becoming a necessary item, especially since such a large segment of the population is over 50. Are you allergic to drugs, Do you have seizures, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Lupus or Cancer? Maybe you take medicine for a heart problem or stroke, all very good reasons to carry a Photo ID with you.
53. ENTsol Preservative Free Hypertonic Nasal Spray
  Safe, drug-free buffered hypertonic nasal spray. Gentle, helps clear stuffiness, prevent sinus infections and relieve symptoms of sinusitis, congestion, pre-and post surgical care, sore throat. Site contains pollen and flu counters.
54. Especially for Seniors - Health - Fitness - Nutrition - Herbs
  Books, videos, nutrition and herbs, information, gifts and more - especially for seniors!
55. Eye Mart
  Low cost prescription glasses and swimming goggles, on-line
56. Factory Direct Hearing Aids - Why Pay Retail?
  CIC = Completely In Canal, Invsible, Digital, Programmed, Automattic. Free Hearing Test. Factory Direct means Personal Attention. You save a lot because there isn't another office & staff to support. When audiologists have a problem with a hearing aid they send it to the factory. Can you do that? I'm the factory!
57. Family Caring For Elders
  An easy to use online education and information resource for people helping older adults. Site features include nine educational modules, as well as 40 pages of categorized information and resource links.
58. Foot Health Network: Help for all foot conditions and foot ailments
  Foot Health Network is the most Comprehensive Foot Health Site, specializing on Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Pain and discomfort, and much more!
59. Free Information On Our Products. Free! Free!
  We are a new company selling health, fitness, skin care, telecommunication services, and business services to individual consumers and small to medium sized companies.
60. Healing Cove
  holistic, natural health consultation and healing; reiki and crystal healing sessons; spiritual counselling. On line metaphysical shoppe.

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