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1. ! A Canadian Online Pharmacy - Our average customer saves $187 every month. That’s $2,244 a year!
  Our average customer saves $187 every month. That’s $2,244 a year. Just by switching from their neighborhood pharmacy to Prescripnet.com. We are helping people save thousands of dollars on their prescription medications. By signing up with Prescripnet.com you are guaranteed the lowest Rx prices on the internet. If you can find a lower price for an identical prescription, we’ll meet it & give you back 10% of the difference. Order at www.Prescripnet.com or call our toll free line at 1-877-503-9047
2. A Natural Solution for a Healthier Body and Mind
  Amazing Miracle Product provides same day relief for hundreds of ailments both internally and externally. 110% money-back guarantee. In 21 years, only two people have asked for their money back. Even though it performs miracles daily, most people have not heard about it. To hear what others are saying about this inexpensive, all-natural discovery, and see our products, come visit our web site and see for yourself. We are looking for distributors too.
3. A Unique Immune System Product and Business Opportunity
  The introduction and marketing of new products in the Wellness industry that help to support and balance the body's immune system, flexible and healthy body joints and healthy weight.
4. Absolutely A Wonderous Answer To Arthritis and Joint Pain!
  Syn-flex™ is a breakthrough product in the world of osteoarthritis, joint pain, and cartilage degeneration. The high quality pharmaceutical grade liquid Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL combine with twelve other ingredients. Syn-flex is also effective in easing arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs and cats. Try a 32 day supply of Syn-flex™ for $29.95, or you can buy three bottles and get $10 off.
5. Alzheimer Solutions
  This site has articles,research news,tests,drug news,links,and medical products for caregivers
6. Arthritis Pain Relief Store
  Throw your Celebrex away. Reilef in ten days. Syn-flex is a fast acting, pharmaceutical grade, liquid glucosamine product that treats arthritis pain AND the disease. Regenerate damaged cartilage. Much more effective than pills and much cheaper than Celebrex. Money back guarantee.
7. Bioelectronic Gadget for Hypertension
  Reduce blood pressure by jiajun gadget that wins 7 international awards. 5 minute decrease systolic 10-30 & diastolic 6-17. Also for hypertensive headache. Effective rate 98, 93.5, 90% for stage I II III hypertension. Money back guaranteed!
8. Canada Care Pharmacy
  Canada Care Pharmacy’s focus is not simply to provide affordable, quality health care products and prescription drugs to their patients, but to contribute to a sense of well being with our clients, confidence and trust in ALL Canada Care products, services and, most importantly, our team of community conscious and caring professionals.
9. Care Entree - The Future of Healthcare....Today
  Care Entree's Medical Savings Program gives you access to the wholesale side of healthcare. Savings up to 80% on Hospitals, Doctors, Ancillary Services, Prescription Drugs, Dentists, Vision Care, Lasik-Laser Vision Correction, Hearing Aids, 24-Hour Health Hotline, Chiropractors, Air Ambulance and more. NO PRE-EXISTING CONDITION EXCLUSIONS. Complete Care Program only $54.95 per month for the entire family. Prescription Drug plan only $9.95 per month for entire family.
10. Comfort-Cape (TM) .... a new way to shampoo hair
  Helps reduce the potential for strokes from neck pressure caused by traditional shampoo bowls. Allows everyone to sit upright during their shampoo or hair care needs. Ideal for those with Alzheimer's, dementia, vertigo, scoliosis, autism, or previous neck or stroke problems. Can be used on individuals with tracheotomies. Great for those confined to home. Take with to your beauty salon. 100% soft and flexible with a one year warranty. Available in Royal, Burgundy, or Black.
11. Consumer MedHelp
  7,000+ discounted health and medical products, equipment and publications delivered anywhere.Kidney HELPER® nutrition charts and renal cookbook, diabetic and incontinence supplies, ostomy supplies, bathroom safety, wheelchair and walking aids, homecare equipment, diagnostic instruments, pain relief and much more. Offering AlertOne home emergency monitoring and response services.
12. Discount Drug Card for Senior Citizens
  Offers Discounts off Prescription Drugs up to 75% plus discounts on Eyeglasses, Dental, Hearing Aids and Vitamins.
13. Discover Wellness
  This book gives the reader the knowledge to identify things in their environment that may be the cause of illness and empowers them to choose preventive techniques to stay healthy and tells them where to purchase any items necessary to accomplish prevention. 71 topics covered include alzheimers, cancer,electricity,plastics,microwaves, pesticides,lack of full spectrum sun light,etc. This information is not available elsewhere.
14. ElderCare Online: The Internet Community of Elder Caregivers
  Free online information, education and support for people caring for aging loved ones, especially those with Alzheimer's Disease. We provide articles, booklets, workbooks and interactive support groups for caregivers to help you improve quality of life for yourself and your aging loved ones.
15. Empowering Caregivers
  For all caregivers featuring: expert columns, articles, emotional and spiritual support, encouragement, tools for caregivers of the elderly, spouses & children; forums, resources,chats, caregiver & caregiving site spotlights, healing circle, inspiration, free newsletter, journal exercises for caregivers to process issues with loved ones.
16. Eyewear.com
  Solutions to your vision problems on the World Wide Web.
17. FREE Customized Diet And Exercise Programs
  GetInShape.com the online leader in health and fitness provides FREE customized diet and exercise programs for all ages.
18. Hate Taking Pills?
  Live a healthy life with VERIUNI nutritionals. Tasty liquid multivitamin ensures you'll get nearly every daily nutrient required for prolonged health. Powerful antioxidant unleashes the power of red wine extract and polyphenols for the ultimate mind and body energizer. All-natural ingredients. No sugar or artificial preservatives.
19. Healthy Hearing - The World Leader in Hearing Information
  Healthy Hearing is a unique website featuring up-to-the-minute news, information and resources for those interested in hearing, causes and treatment of hearing loss, as well as hearing amplification systems. Importantly, Healthy Hearing provides a platform for information exchange and support between those faced with diseases of the ear and the challenges of hearing impairment.
  Enhance the quality of your life with the help of an Audiologist -- your hearing care professional at HEAR USA. We offer the highest level of personal care in the industry . . . quality, technology,customer satisfaction and reasonable cost are the benchmarks of service . . . and our promise . . . at HEAR USA. Find a provider nearest you!

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