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1. SeniorInsights
  This site is informal and friendly. Like any friend, it encourages you to get the most out of living while you can. It's theme is to look back but live forward. You can visit Grandmas Front Porch for her homespun philosophy and visit a "quiet place" for personal meditatio
2. A Resource for Older Adults
  Professional geriatric care manager - elder care specialist in NYC to evaluate the needs of older adults and long distance caregivers and provide a wide range of services
3. La Retraite
  This site is specially created for seniors. It presents in an effective and accessible style many topics that can be of interest for seniors and their family.A site to help occupy your leisure, keep you informed and explore the virtual world. You will certainly find a topic that will interest you! Although it is designed for retirees, everyone on the Internet will find something of interest.
4. Phillips monitoring Services
  Calls made daily anywhere in the United States to confirm the safety and well being of your aging parents, sick and shut-in friends and relatives home alone - Provides daily reassurance calls to your loved ones home alone.
5. Snowbirds and seniors - mobile homes and rv's for sale or rent
  Everything for Snowbirds and Seniors from health, aging and retirement issues to mobile homes and rv's for sale or rent. It's all on Snowbirdhelper.com
6. About Seniors
  Australia’s most comprehensive Seniors’ web site covering government departments and health organizations as well as lifestyle interests such as sport, computers, travel with worldwide application.
7. Blomberg Family
  Retired Army CRNA and wife attempt retired life in SC
8. Caring Hands Home Care Support Services (Caregivers) BC Canada
  Home/Continuing Care Support. Caring Hands Home Care Services is a new agency and solely owned, therefore, our prices are reasonable. Our independent life-style assisting service, offer caregivers, homemakers, healthcare aids and personal support workers who have been interviewed and screened and are available on a part-time/full-time or as-needed basis.
9. Grandma's Links Senior site
  Tei page is dedicated to all Grandmas and Grandpas with links to other interesting sites
10. Respite Calgary
  -Professional Respite care for Seniors, Alzheimer's, or Mentally challenged Clients -Emergency, short or long-term - 24-hour Monitoring/Assistance with care and compassion
11. SeniorCenter.com - The Internet Channel for Seniors
  The online community designed with the senior in mind
12. SeniorSomething
  SeniorSomething.com because being senior is more than just getting older...
  Home page, leading to other pages on hobbys ect.

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