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21. Sa-Ga Arabian and Miniature Horses
  Gentle and sweet natured Arabian and Miniature horses suitable for seniors, adults, or children as companions and riding and driving animals.
22. Shampette Pet Washing System
  A new, innovative way to wash pets - the Shampette Pet Shampooer/Massager.
23. The Paper Trained Dog's Necessity
  plastic tray to hold newspapers or training pads of paper trained dogs and protect their owners floors from stains and odors.
24. The Ultimate Snail Collector
  The ultimate chemical free snail collector for freshwater aquariums. Just bait, leave in the tank overnight and remove in the morning complete with unwanted snails. $12 (£7.59)including Postage. Yes, it really works, check our website. www.snailsrgone.4t.com
25. Tote'em For The Animals, Inc.
  Unique, handmade tote bags sold to raise funds to help pay for pets to be spayed or neutered and help elderly and disabled adopt a pet
26. Yucko's Pooper Scooper Service
  Yucko's Pooper Scooper Service located in St. Louis, Mo. Scooping what the dog left behind since 1990 St. Louis & St. Charles. Tired of Dooing the Dog-Doo Two-Step? Call the professionals 314-770-1500

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