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1. Aussie Grans
  New support for Australian granparent raising grandchildren
2. family2000onwards
  Are you parenting your grandchildren? Are you separated from your grandchildren? Are you a step-grandparent? Read articles view book reviews and see links.
3. Grandpa Chuck & His Web Sites
  This site gives a short story about Grandpa Chuck and highlights his web sites directed towards Grandparents along with a listing of his personal sites
4. Grandparents Resource Site
  Links and information for Grandparents.
5. Homesteading
  Building a fieldstone castle, Raising 5 kids, 9 Grandchildren
6. MyWeb3000 for Creative Kids & Parents
  Print these fun activities for your creative grandchildren: paper airplanes, animal bookmarks, Chinese lanterns, tangrams, invention puzzles, and other paper crafts. Also available are balloon animal books, fun craft and science books, Chinese animal cut-papers, educational toys, free stuff, and special gifts for everyone in your family.
7. Ring Of Grandparents
  Ring of Grandparents is a web ring for grandparents. The sites share all the joy and love that comes from grandparents.
8. SeeHowTheyGrow
  a UK site that celebrates being a grandparent. Helps grandparents be even better grandparents and lets would-be grandparents know what they are in for.

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