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1. ALIR - A Life Insurance Redemption Company
  ALIR is a national financial services company that uniquely specializes in the brokerage of senior life settlements – that allow individuals to redeem their life insurance policies and convert them into a cash settlement that they can use today. The proceeds can be used for any purpose. Similar to a reverse mortgage, this service allows one to take the “equity” out of their life insurance policy just as a reverse mortgage allows the same process from one’s home. Toll free – 1 888 599 1112.
2. AV-Rated Attorney Will Preparation Service, Annual Updates. As Low as $16.00.
  Have your Will prepared and maintained by an AV-rated attorney (top rating in the legal profession) for as low as $16.00. In addition, take advantage of a comprehensive line of legal services for the same price, including up to 50 hours of AV-rated Tax Attorney time.
3. AZ Annuity Center
  Complete guide to Annuities. Current rates online. Find an annuity professional in your area. Compare CDs vs Annuities
4. ElderLaw Answers
  Created by a nationwide network of attorneys, ElderLawAnswers.com provides consumers with clear information on legal issues facing seniors. Consumers may find qualified elder law attorneys by searching by telephone area code. The information on the site includes primers on Medicaid, Medicare, estate planning and long-term care planning. Handy tools include calculators and checklists on decisions seniors and their families must make.
5. Gay Abarbanell,CFP
  Our mission is to empower our clients to live a fulfilling and inspired life, free of financial worries, as they pursue their life dreams and goals. We accomplish this by providing education, motivation, support and proactive, integrated services.
6. Insurecash.com, Inc
  Senior and Viatical Settlements: Financial and Estate Planning Options for Seniors. Provides for selling your life insurance policy to raise cash
7. Senior Savvy Retirement Investing
  A FREE monthly retirement investing newsletter keeping you up to date on all aspects of retirement and "seniority."
8. Texaa Reverse Mortgage
  A residential mortgage that allows homeowners who are age 62 and over the ability to access the equity in their home.
9. The Document Locator.com
  This is an Organizing System for important documents in the following categories: personal emergency, personal/family history, medical history, financial, legal, housing and transportation+ a monthly calendar for recording important information and an A-Z address/telephone book + a monthly section for recording special occasion dates. Each page has a matching page of repositionable labels to enable the owner to keep all information current at all times. This is in a zipper three ring binder.
10. 9Dots Financial
  We utilize creative concepts and tax effective strategies to offer consultancy and Financial services that promote the creation and preservation of wealth for Canadians in Ontario.
11. Alternative Plus Services
  An alternative to your legal needs. Legal forms sent right to your home already filled out with your information. Save hundreds of dollars on attorney fees.
12. Asset Management Inc.
  Providing wealth accumulation, wealth protection and wealth transfer advice throughout the Southeastern United States.
13. Cover Your Assets
  What the IRS and those Attorneys don't want you to know.
14. Elias Will Writers.
  Professional Will-Writers offering an "at home" service for local clients and "on-line" instructions/mail order for others in Englnd & Wales.
15. Estate Planning Services
  General estate planning information. A family-owned business owned and operated by Randall McKee, Certified Estate Planner and Carol McFarland McKee, Certified Senior Advisor.
16. Life Settlement Alliance, Inc.
  A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy that gives a policy owner a cash settlement in excess of the current cash surrender value. A life settlement is an innovative opportunity to show how a life policy may still have some "life in it.
17. Secure Asset Management Group
  Bulletproof your assets today. Plus, new tax savings program and find out if you overpaid your taxes. Over 70% applicants receive $10, 000 back. No fee if no refund!
18. US Constitution: Your wages, salaries and commissions = NO INCOME = Nontaxable!
  Your 1040/1099 income tax VOLUNTARY? Get your FREE ebook now!
19. Your 1040 Income Tax Voluntary?
  The Truth About 1040/1099 Income Tax: US Constitution: Your Wages, Saleries and Commissions are NOT AN INCOME ++STOP++ IRS a Private Corporation with jurisdiction only in the District of Columbia ++STOP++ More...Get FREE E-book Now:

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